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When You Need Service -

When may I call for service?

      Our office is open for service calls (408/556-0200) anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Service calls received late in the day may not be addressed until the following day.
      Ask for your Property Supervisor. If you do not know your Property Supervisor, ask anyone who answers the telephone or leave a message in our voicemail General Mailbox.
      Please do not request service by e-mail. E-mail communication will take extra time, because your Property Supervisor must briefly discuss the matter with you before service is ordered. Instead, please do call our main number, 408/556-0200.

What services may I receive?

Services offered under a commercial lease -- retail, office or industrial tenancies like your business -- are dependant upon the language of your particular lease. Your lease is your contract with the property owner. When in doubt, ask your Property Supervisor.

Who can answer questions about my lease?

Ask your Property Supervisor. Your Property Supervisor may direct you to another person at our company who can best answer your question. If your question is legal in nature, you may be directed to hire legal counsel.

I am selling my business. How do I transfer my lease to the buyer?

Please speak to your Property Supervisor early in the process. We are here to help with this complex process. You should know that every lease is different. Your lease may allow you to (1) assign your lease, (2) sublease your premises, or (3) ask that your lease be cancelled. Which one course out of these three you pursue is up to you, your landlord, how your lease is worded, and the economics of your transaction. No matter which approach you decide to take, the incoming tenant will have to provide credit information for the landlord's approval.

The following information is required of the incoming tenant --

  1. A signed cover letter requesting the sublease along with the following sentence, "I (We) hereby give permission to Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. to check or verify every item being submitted and to obtain credit reports on me (us).
  2. Copies of your two most recent years of federal tax returns.
  3. A signed personal financial statement listing all your assets and all your liabilities.
  4. One banking reference: name, bank, address, and telephone number.
Please remember to speak with your Property Supervisor early in the process of selling, for transferring your lease is not usually a simple, quick process.

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