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Vendor Selection Method -

We select our vendors using an approach that is far from ordinary. First, we do not routinely put out vendor contracts for bid. There is no special time of year to bid on our business.

However, we typically do put out large contracts for bid amongst a few chosen vendors. When going out to bid, we almost always choose vendors with whom we have had some prior experience. How do you, as a prospective vendor, get into that pool of prospects?

To get into our pool of prospects, you need to either be recommended by someone with whom we already have a solid business relationship or you need to introduce yourself to one of our property supervisors. Once you have presented your firmís services and qualities to a property supervisor, then you will need to wait until that property supervisor has a specific need.

Second, we do not select vendors centrally. Our property supervisors are free to select their own vendors. The best way to become known throughout our company is to do such a good job at a fair price for one property supervisor that you are then introduced to all the others.

Please note that all of our vendor contracts are month-to-month. Also note that we love to work with the same people and the same firms for years, possibly a decade or longer. Month-to-month means that you must always do a good job for us and that we must always do right by you.

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